Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CrowdShield Bug Bounty Disclosure Programs | #bugbounty

Leverage the crowd! 

Improve your cyber security! 

Our CrowdShield framework connects you to security experts globally to keep you one step ahead of malicious hackers. CrowdShield allows you to test your technology around the clock to measure and prioritize real world threats to your cyber security. 

Our community of researchers, also known as the crowd, is comprised of ethical hackers from around the world who responsibly disclose security bugs in our bounty programs. 

Cost effective and faster than standard security programs, CrowdShield provides the framework to easily manage your bounty program and rewards the crowd for their contributions. It's a win for everyone. 

Open an account to start creating your customized bounty program. Using the CrowdShield platform, you will be able to choose the scope and reward for your bounty. Researchers send submissions to your bounty program. You review and validate submissions to determine if the researcher should be rewarded. Use information from the crowd to patch bugs and make your technology safer than ever before, protecting sensitive data and your reputation.

Start your bug bounty program in seconds and start receiving feedback from ethical hackers around the world!

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