Tuesday, December 30, 2014

WiFi Pineapple MK5 / SSLSplit v1.1 Cross-Site Scripting (Stored)

Vendor: Hak5
Website: http://www.hak5.com
Hardware: Wifi Pineapple MK5
Software: SSLSplit
Version: 1.1
Author: 1N3

I'm releasing this info purely for educational purposes. There appears to be a stored Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in the SSLSplit v.1.1 infusion for the Pineapple MK5. This could be used by a rogue wifi user to invoke a Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability on the owner of the Pineapple wifi device when viewing the SSLSplit logs.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Attacker sets up a RogueAP using PineappleV with SSLSplit running
2. A Wifi user connects to the PinappleV RogueAP setup
3. Wifi user then creates an image on his webserver with meta tags embedded with the following string: "></script>">'><img src=x onerror=confirm(4)>
4. Wifi user opens a web browser and navigates to the affected image they just created
5. Attacker then tries to download his logs via the SSLSplit web UI (SSLSplit > History > Click "Download" for the affected log file)

Alert window message is displayed to attacker

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